Automotive Claim Consulting GmbH - Contacts and General Information

Contacts and General Information

Automotive Claim Consulting GmbH
Zum Hellebach 23
33014 Bad Driburg

Head Office: Bad Driburg
Registered at Paderborn District Court HRB 9021
Managing Director: Dipl.-Ing. Wilhelm Schecht

phone: +49 (0) 5253 97 45 771
fax: +49 (0) 5253 97 45 772
email: (Java script required)

Data Protection Statement as per § 4 Para 1 of the TDDSG

This data protection statement describes the information which is recorded by Automotive Claim Consulting GmbH when their website is visited and how this is used. This does not apply, however, to web pages which do not belong to Automotive Claim Consulting GmbH and possibly have a link to or from this or another of Automotive Claim Consulting GmbH's web pages.


In order to record statistics as to when any contents of this website are accessed and viewed, your IP-address, type and extent of the sections viewed together with access date and time are recorded, processed and evaluated. The data obtained is only used internally and is not made available to any third party. You can oppose this usage in accordance with § 4 Para 1 of the TDDSG. Further information on this is given below in the section "Opposition and Information".

Personalised Services

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Opposition and information

In accordance with § 4 Para 1 of the TDDSG you can oppose the use of data as described above. Please send us instructions in writing which should include
- the exact date and time of your request
- your IP-address used at the time
- the names used
- the usage to which you wish to object
We will delete the corresponding entries from our files. If you so request in writing, we will also be pleased to give you information on the data relating to you which we have saved. Please send your enquiry to the following postal address:

Automotive Claim Consulting GmbH
Zum Hellebach 23
33014 Bad Driburg