Expert in warranty issues and compensation claims in the automotive supply sector

Increasing cost pressure in the automotive industry means that the leading OEMs are now laying greater emphasis on how they manage warranty and compensation issues. As a result, OEM claims are becoming more insistent and more robust.

To remain competitive, claims, which are not always justified, must be processed in the most effective manner.

With practical know-how and experience built up over many years, I can help you to achieve ongoing reduction in your costs for compensation and warranty costs.


Consultancy and Project Management for compensation claims


Comprehensive and sustained consultancy for compensation claims in the automotive supply sector. From when the issue first occurs right up until the negotiations with the customer are concluded. Typically these are recalls, field-service actions, serial damages, product liability issues or warranty claims.

Project Management

Automotive Claim Consulting co-ordinates:

  • Communication
  • Negotiations
  • The processes between:
    - Supplier
    - OEM
    - Insurance Company

Analysing compensation claims 

  • Checking and evaluating the contractual situation and documentation.  If required, using a legal advisor.
  • Checking the status with the insurance company.  Is the insurance company under an obligation to provide cover?
  • Checking the claim from a technical aspect.  If required, using experts.
  • Obtain relevant data

Drawing up a list of immediate actions to reduce the claim 

  • Define the communication channels
  • Select a team
  • Draw up action lists and define the priorities

Coaching the Lead-Negotiator 

  • Comprehensive advice for the people involved in the negotiations

Negotiation strategy

  • It is particularly important for me to develop a negotiation strategy with my client, taking into consideration the interests of the company and the relationship to the customer.
Reducing warranty cost

Analysis and optimisation of your Warranty Management Processes so that your warranty costs can be reduced and avoided
Main points of focus are as follows:

Field failure analysis process 

  • Fulfilling customers' requirements (geared towards VDA defective part analysis)
  • Coordinating the flow of defective parts and production of relevant documentation
  • Assigning root causes
  • Co-ordination of analysis work both in-house and at suppliers
  • Documenting the completion status of claims for damages
  • Achieving the specified processing time for analysis and report to customer
  • Effectiveness of the failure elimination process

Commercial aspects 

  • Validation of warranty claims (effective combing-out of unjustified claims)
  • Compliance with due dates and formal standards when raising objections and documentation of the same
  • Making claims against sub-suppliers
  • Reporting and controlling of the warranty management system
  • Contract management

Training / Workshops

  • Effective checking of warranty claim data
  • Handling of all commercial aspects relating to warranty claims
  • Comparison of the contractual situation and current practice in warranty management

Process support

  • Implementing the requirements in accordance with VDA field failure analysis
  • Production of process and job instructions, designing the process landscape
  • Training on process and job instructions

Contract review /contract management

  • Review of customer contracts and requirements. (QAA, NDA, specific requirements, commercial contracts…)
  • I provide constructive and detailed  counterproposals which match the interest of your company and reflect feasibility and adequateness
  • Active support in negotiations and/or coaching of the involved persons


Dipl.-Ing. Wilhelm Schecht

My experience as a Consultant and Manager in the automotive sector:

  • Over 25 years' experience in the automotive supply sector
  • Effective network of specialists in the industry
  • Proven success in defence and protection from claims and reducing claims in compensation cases
  • Many years' experience in contract review and negotiation of contracts

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